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Boston Coffeehouse® has the perfect combination of coffeeshop, gourmet menu and community involvement to win the lion’s share of the casual dining/coffeehouse market. The breakfast menu includes a variety of favorites from specialty waffles and pancakes to unique breakfast sandwiches like the French Toast Panini.

An impressive lunch menu features gourmet sandwiches like the Rosemary Rotisserie Chicken, scrumptious soups including our signature Chicken Velvet, and delicious salads like the Mango Salsa Salad. Add to this a decadent, exquisite dessert menu and, whatever your tastes, Boston Coffeehouse® will impress and satisfy your appetite.

The offerings are not an empty promise. Breakfast is served all day, using only fresh eggs, gourmet sandwiches are made using artisan breads and the finest quality meats, and salads feature fresh vegetables. And the desserts are specially crafted. It’s no wonder Boston Coffeehouse® has received numerous awards and mentions for their coffees and lunches!


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