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Americans love to eat out! Almost half of the average American’s food expenditures are spent dining out, and this number is growing. The numbers are staggering. Presently, nearly one in five persons (18%) visit quick-serve restaurants ten or more times per month, making for a very attractive opportunity.

The restaurant industry in the U.S. is projected to top $558 billion dollars in food and drink sales in 2009, an average of over $1.5 billion a day. The fast-food and quick-service restaurant segment accounts for more than a third of the total, more than $180 billion.

In addition, people love coffee; Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, or equivalent to 146,000,000,000 (146 Billion) cups of coffee per year; making the United States the LEADING CONSUMER of coffee in the world. And, coffee shops make up the FASTEST GROWING part of the restaurant business, checking in with a 7% annual growth rate!


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