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We Love What We Do

Boston Coffeehouse’s® success is not by accident. The Coffeehouse was the brainchild of Joe Valente, a Boston native and a graduate of the Boston University with an M.A. in City Planning. He moved to DeLand, Florida in 1996 to work for the City of DeLand, enamored of its small-town southern charm. Joe quickly perceived the need for a good coffee shop and a better sandwich, and starting from scratch, renovated an old building and the first Boston Coffeehouse® was born.

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The Boston Coffeehouse® Preamble

We the people, in order to form a perfectly crafted coffee and delicious fare establish excellence and ensure quality. To provide for the common enjoyment and tranquility of our patrons do ordain and establish this promise to our community.


Kickstart Your Morning With Us!

Serving up fresh coffee, delicious pastries, baked goods, savory sandwiches and deceptively cozy locations with plenty of seating. These are the things that keep customers coming back.There is also a private meeting room available for special occasions and other functions. Throw in free wifi for internet browsing and a lounge with comfortable sofas to sit back and relax, and you have something for everyone; great coffee, delicious breakfast and lunch menus, a place to meet for business or social occasions, or a place to grab a cup of coffee and a fabulous dessert and relax for a while with a good book.

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